Planning an event or function can be stressful enough, and then there is organising the entertainment…

We can take the stress out of it by providing a fully self contained and highly professional solution, that will have your guests dancing in the isles and provide a lasting impression for a long time after your event.

Tim Harding and Soultraders are fully self contained acts. Each come with PA system and lighting; will be there at least an hour before start time, (for set up) and will entertain your guests with a mix of classic and contemporary music that people of all ages will enjoy. ¬†Our biggest priority is making sure that everyone is having an absolutely fantastic time, it’s what we take pride in, and it’s also what makes our job as entertainers worthwhile.

For more information about Soultraders’ set list and line up please click on the link below:

soultraders logo

For more information about Tim Harding as a soloist and DJ please click below


If you would like to make the music at your event something special then, please get in touch.




brands pic





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